Twelve dive sites, seven reefs and five trips a day

The Anambas Islands are one of Asia’s top five tropical island paradises and one of Indonesia’s first marine conservation areas, a true ocean lover’s dream. Set amid this archipelago lies the secluded Bawah Reserve, a private island resort surrounded by crystal clear waters, jaw-dropping underwater scenery and stunning marine biodiversity – the perfect combination for ideal diving and exploring. Beyond the breathtaking beauty of the ocean, Bawah Reserve’s dedication to marine conservation gives divers a unique insider view of coral regeneration and transplantation efforts.    

With twelve dives sites and six reefs, guests have access to miles of pristine coral formations which create diverse and dramatic underwater landscapes to harbor high levels of marine biodiversity. All dives, aside from the Refresher’s Dive, are outside the fringing reefs of Bawah. Here the waters are slightly cooler, the currents are a bit stronger and the fish are a bit bigger, offering a larger variety of wildlife and coral different than what is found inside the lagoon. Among other creatures, guests can look forward to greeting Bumphead Parrotfish, Emperor Angelfish, Eagle Rays, Green Turtles and the rare Blue Starfish.

Harnessing it’s deep connection to the ocean. Bawah Reserve has teamed up with OrcaNation and Discover Scuba Dicing to create unique diving experiences ensuring guests fall deeply in love with the ocean and its wildlife. Under the guidance of dedicated ocean experts, guests can take up to 5 excursions per day from morning, afternoon to night, offering a new experience every time.

Bawah Reserve offers the perfect diving experience for every type of explorer. First time divers can take an entry level training session designed to learn the basics, certified divers have a ‘refresher’ course to brush up on their skills, advanced explorers can test their limits with a unique 3-part Dive Rescue Course, and for the youngest of divers there is a  PADI Bubblemaker Program to introduce them to the concepts of scuba diving.

As an eco-conscious destination, the Reserve’s Bawah Anambas Foundation leads an initiative to educate and train communities and guests on coral reef protection and restoration efforts, including actively re-growing and transplanting the archipelago’s coveted coral. Even more, guests at Bawah Reserve have the opportunity to see these conservation efforts up close by taking their very own diving excursions to the coral nursery, guided by a resident marine biologist.

In addition to their new scuba series and coral conservation programs, Bawah Reserve offers a number of bucket list, ‘Instagram worthy’ activities, including stand up paddle boarding, see-through kayaks, snorkeling, sailing and hiking trails through and around the lush Indonesian jungle.

Bawaha Reserve’s deep-rooted belief in conservation, coupled with their sense of adventure, provides truly exhilarating exploration and diving experiences families and guests will look forward to revisiting and remember for a lifetime.


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