Heart Camp with Jamie Tworkowski

To Write Love on Her Arms Founder 

Jamie Tworkowski

Launches HEART CAMP Workshops

o Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA) founder and New York Times best-selling author Jamie Tworkowski has announced a new project he is calling HEART CAMP.

HEART CAMP will be a two-day workshop led by Jamie, each a gathering of 40 attendees. Over the two days, Jamie will be sharing his stories, experiences, and passions. Topics will include authenticity, writing, mental health, starting things that matter, and more. Attendees will be invited to give input on what is discussed at each workshop, and much of the event will be Q&A. With the first HEART CAMP selling out in a week, a second workshop has been added.

On HEART CAMP, Jamie states:

“I really enjoy being able to connect with people, and my hope is that folks walk away feeling encouraged. The challenge tends to be time. It can be difficult to give a question the answer it deserves in one minute or two tweets. There’s almost always a line of people or a curfew or a plane to catch.


“HEART CAMP was born from this idea: What if instead of one minute, we had two days? What would it look like to get a small group of people together, to share everything I’ve learned and everything I’m passionate about? What if folks were invited deep inside my work and deep inside my story, into not only the successes but the failures as well? Could I provide language and framework and ideas to help people start movements and chase dreams?”


HEART CAMP has two upcoming workshops scheduled: January 14 & 15, 2018 (SOLD OUT), and February 11 & 12, 2018. They will be hosted at the Crowne Plaza Melbourne Oceanfront in Indialantic, Florida.

For more information and to register for HEART CAMP, please visit: http://heartcampwithjamie.com/.

Jamie Tworkowski is the founder of To Write Love on Her Arms and the New York Times bestselling author of If You Feel Too Much. TWLOHA began in 2006 as a written story and Jamie’s attempt to help one friend. Since that time, the TWLOHA team has responded to 200,000 messages from people in 100 countries, and given more than two million dollars to treatment and recovery. Jamie spends much of his time on the road, telling the TWLOHA story and bringing a message of hope to audiences at universities, concerts and conferences across America. His work has taken him to Australia, the United Kingdom, India, and Iraq. Jamie has been interviewed by CNN, NBC Nightly News, CBS Sunday Morning, and Rolling Stone Magazine. A proud uncle, Jamie is also a lifelong surfer, basketball fan, and music lover. He lives in Melbourne Beach, Florida.

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