Are Businesses Adapting Quick Enough to Achieve Holiday Sales Success?

Media Opportunity: CEO of Digital Marketing Leader, WebiMax, Touts Social Media as The Key Factor in Holiday Sales Success but Many Businesses Haven’t Adapted Quick Enough to Take Advantage

According to the Washington Post, retailers “pulled down $91.7 billion in digital sales” during the 2017 holiday season. While the trend of an increase in online shopping was nothing new, the increase in shopping from mobile devices was the most staggering. Adobe reported that half of the visits to retailer websites during the holiday season was through tablets and smartphones. More than 28 billion of revenue came from direct purchases through those devices.

In other words, the competition for the online consumer will never be fiercer than 2017. CEO and Founder of Social Media Marketing leader WebiMax, Ken Wisnefski, explains that the best way to attract the mobile user is to hit them on the sites they visit the most: Facebook and Instagram.

“The time to grab the attention of the holiday shopper is now. Competitive pricing and incredible targeting for consumers of just about any industry make Facebook and Instagram the two most important social profiles to capitalize on for businesses this holiday season,” explains Wisnefski.

Wisnefski continued, “The benefits of retargeting on sites like Facebook and Instagram can turn a one-off purchaser during the holiday season into a loyal customer.”

Urgency from retailers will be essential as those looking to compete with the largest companies in the market will face an uphill battle with those who have already been focused on their brand awareness ads. Facebook and Instagram offer the unique opportunity to target a customer base in a cost-efficient manner.

According to Wisnefski:

  • The numbers of online shoppers will once again surge to never before seen heights this holiday season.
  • While the political landscape has certainly been on edge, the economy has been surging and the stock market is on the rise. Americans are ready and willing to spend this holiday season.
  • Apart from exceptional targeting on social profiles, the creative and content on holiday ads must be exceptional to stand out from the competition.

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