Maurice Lacroix AIKON #tide Benzilla via 360 Magazine


Maurice Lacroix continues to spread the word about its ground-breaking watch, the AIKON #tide, releasing a new variant created in conjunction with Thai artist and ML Crew member, Benzilla.

The recently launched AIKON #tide represents a new, responsible approach to luxury watchmaking. Made from ocean-bound upcycled plastic, it takes 17 bottles to make one watch, and its user-friendly packaging means 17 fewer bottles polluting the ocean. The AIKON #tide shares the same attributes as other members of the AIKON family: Swiss quality, precision timekeeping, urban styling, and high perceived value.

His work often juxtaposes swathes of concrete with his distinctive, playful use of color. He adores using numerous hues in his compositions which is quite surprising for a man who is color blind. However, he has overcome this potential obstacle through determination, culminating in his extraordinary success. Indeed, this inspiring story and success epitomize Maurice Lacroix’s mindset, #BeYourAikon.

Benzilla feels a personal connection with the AIKON #tide initiative. The watch brand, in conjunction with #tide, is collecting plastic bottles from the seas surrounding the various islands of Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

The new AIKON #tide Benzilla exploits the use of color to the max. Enlivened with a plethora of eye-popping shades, the 40mm model features a flat sapphire crystal, augmenting readability, and a quartz movement. The dial is adorned with the Thai artist’s 3-eyed character, ‘LOOOK,’ an alien who came from nowhere to live among us. The bezel and crown are dressed in black, while the case body is executed in a vibrant shade of orange. Finally, a funky light blue rubber strap completes the ensemble. Owners of the watch can modify its appearance courtesy of the Easy Strap Exchange system, swapping the strap for an alternative without needing tools.

Stéphane Waser, Managing Director of Maurice Lacroix, remarks, “It is an honor to work with Benzilla, a Thai national and a member of the ML Crew, and it is great to open a new Maurice Lacroix boutique in Bangkok. This is a further example of how we are forging links with this region. Indeed, as part of the AIKON #tide initiative, we are removing plastic waste from the seas surrounding Thailand and beyond, helping to make a difference to the world we all share.”