Save Damaged Summer Hair with Rodney Cutler

Summer sun, surf and play can wreak havoc on hairs precious strands – leaving them feeling damaged, dry and brittle. Cutler Salon owner and stylist, Rodney Cutler, shares his top 5 tips for restoring summer beaten hair.

  1. Try a Hair Mask: Deep conditioning is always recommended. Try Redken’s pH Bonder Post Service Protector ($16.00) to moisturize strands and maintain a health pH balance. Hairs pH should be around 4.4 – 5.5, any higher or lower could cause excess bacteria to build-up or frizz.
  2. Protect Hair: Protect hair from further damage with Cutler’s Protectant Treatment Spray ($24.00). This light treatment detangles, softens, and protects hair from heat styling. A must-have for all hair types!
  3. Get a Cut: Get rid of damaged ends and test out a celeb-approved lob for Fall.
  4. Ditch the Elastic: Give your hair a break from the ponytail. During summer months, hair is pulled all over – often tied up multiple times a day with an elastic. Not even the gentlest elastic can prevent breakage caused at the crown from constant pulling.
  5. Braid It Back: If pulling hair back is a must, opt for a low braid. Maintain a natural part instead of tugging hair all the way back. (Bonus tip: before braiding, apply a deep conditioner and leave it in for ultimate hydration)

Rodney and his team of top notch stylists can be found all over New York City: Cutler Soho, Cutler Salon Park Avenue, Cutler Brooklyn, Licari Cutler Salon, and Licari Cutler at Domenico Vacca.

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