Kid Made Modern

Kid Made Modern has dominated children’s fashion and arts & crafts with its trademark bright colors and bold designs. Now, KMM is bringing its unique aesthetic to photos and videos, becoming a first-of-its-kind on-demand media company. KMM has its own in-house team dedicated to creating video and digital content, from sizzle reels to kit demos and instructional videos:

Intergalactic battle:

Aquatic adventure craft kit:

Sizzle reel:

This a breakthrough innovation: the first time a company in the children’s fashion and arts & crafts space has leveraged its products and designs to make custom on-demand video. Through this content, KMM and its co-founder, fashion icon Todd Oldham, have totally revolutionized the way that children’s products are showcased and advertised, completing KMM’s evolution into a digital media company.

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