Jayce Baron

Jayce Baron is a writer, an entrepreneur and an advocate for the LGBTQ millennial. Born and brought up in Southern California with a degree and background in communications, he has devoted his skills and experience to advancing his community with flair. With first-hand knowledge as an openly gay black male raised in the Baptist church, his stories have been able to guide not only the LGBTQ ecology, but anyone who has been confronted with internal conflict and acceptance within their culture and household.


He has always found a way to flex his creative ideas into a reality. In February 2015, he produced and hosted the first Kiss & Tell LGBTQ panel in Downtown Los Angeles. Kiss & Tell Networks has now launched quarterly LIVE shows, youth programs, podcasts (Kiss & Tell Radio) as well as digital magazine issues. Jayce’s efforts have been nationally recognized as one of the “#16Heros” by Together For Girls alongside of US Vice President Joe Biden and Ashley Judd; the “Image Award” by In the Meantime Men’s Group in LA and “Best Youth Organizer” by Ivan Daniel Productions. Furthermore, he’s been highly revered by the Mayors of both Los Angeles and Philadelphia.


In fall 2016, Jayce told his account of sexual assault through his column on HIV Equal Online. He was called to speak at a California State Capitol press conference to address rape culture from a male’s perspective; pushing SB 813, which revokes the statute of limitations on assault in the state of California. Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill on September 2016, removing the limit along the rights of victims to press charges against their assailant.


With the motto, “People are my passion!,” Jayce continues to broaden the mindset of society and moderate the personal journey to self-discovery.


As of late, Jayce has been a TV correspondent for TMZ and MADE WITH PRIDE (UK’S first LGBTQ televised radio show). His comedic gay novel, “Absolutely Me” debuted Spring of 2016 and the sequel, “Absolutely Us” was released Spring of 2017.

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