Bodyweight training trends – functional challenge for 2017

Luke Brown, founder Fitness Hardware

Bodyweight training is one the fastest growing categories in the fitness space today. We’re seeing more training methods embraced by the military and professional athletes now being used by people of all skill levels. The popularity of Cross Fit and sports like Mixed Martial Arts have really pushed the fitness community to adapt these new methods. With the right tools and motivation, a well-rounded functional training approach utilizing a person’s own body weight can lead to incredible gains.

What are the benefits of bodyweight training over other methods?

1. Bodyweight training can be done almost anywhere. And, it works! A great example is the pushup comparison to bench press. Pushups work the chest, shoulders, triceps, back and abs while bench press skips the back and ab workout.

2. Training in an unstable environment promotes joint stability and spinal stability through improved core strength.

3. Improves proper body mechanics through joint stability, mobility and controlled ranges of motion.

4. Reduces the risk of injury by improving movement, increasing stability and using controlled range of motions.

5. Improves overall strength results over machines because of the constant variations of exercises.

Bodyweight training has so many benefits, but we wanted to find a better way to use leverage equipment to work complex muscle groups from multiple angles. We wanted something that lets you load your muscles for critical development.

When our Fitness Hardware team set out to create a new functional training device, we had a couple of major requirements.

1. It had to be work the whole body. Too many products only do one or two things and ours had to work all muscle groups.

2. It needed to be simple and portable with no set-up.

3. It had to be challenging for the most advanced athletes, yet functional for people of all levels.

4. We had to offer a simple set of workouts people can use to get ideas, review proper form and add challenge to their routines. With this list of requirements, we designed ABLE – Advanced Bodyweight Leverage Equipment – a simple pair of platforms that can do it all. With hand grips for upper body moves and a toe lock feature for ab, core and leg moves, ABLE is truly a new standard in simple and challenging bodyweight training.

Our product development focus groups included everyone from MMA athletes to people who hadn’t worked out in years. The results were amazing. The beginners had challenge with the most basic moves, while the advanced athletes tried new holds and variations to load their muscles and test balance. Feedback was incredible, and we knew we had designed a great tool for all levels of training. Thanks to the support of friends and fitness lovers throughout Seattle, ABLE is now available for pre-order.


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