Project Juice unveils The Real Unicorn

Project Juice menu items, contains only 100 percent certified organic, non-GMO clean foods, and nothing artificial about it. After all, we feel as though we are naturally mermaid-unicorn-magical, of course. 
The Unicorn Parfait combines house-made, dairy free coconut yogurt – a boon for gut health – with the vividly beautiful fuchsia-hued pitaya, aloe, strawberries, bananas and its ultra magical ingredient (visually and nutritionally) – Blue Majik, a blue-green algae that is antioxidant rich and a powerful anti-inflammatory, which gives the parfait its signature unicorn swirl. It’s topped with gluten-free granola, and the whole dish is low in sodium, rich in protein, fiber, healthy carbs and fats. The ingredients are known to help lower blood pressure, regulate digestion, relieve inflammation, hydrate, and of course are enough to make anyone feel magical as they walk the streets of San Francisco, San Diego or Laguna Beach, Calif.
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