Netflix CEO illustrated by Maria Soloman for 360 MAGAZINE.

Netflix Co-CEO on Ads


by Justin Lyons Netflix co-founder and co-CEO Reed Hastings sat down with Variety recently to discuss his new book and everything regarding Netflix. From business strategies to hiring strategies to creative strategies, Hastings seemed to be quite open about his ideas for the streaming service. One of the biggest questions everyone seems to have about […]

Rita Azar illustrates Madison Beer for 360 MAGAZINE.



VIDEO OUT NOW TAKEN FROM DEBUT ALBUM LIFE SUPPORT WATCH HERE Madison Beer release her latest single “Baby” via Sing It Loud/First Access Entertainment on exclusive license to Epic Records. With the drop of the single comes a dreamy voyeuristic video that finds Madison plucked from a picturesque scene and dropped into the dark reality of life. “Baby” is […]

Wine illustration done by Mina Tocalini of 360 MAGAZINE.

How wine affects our mood


Martin Luther said, “Beer is made by men, wine by God.” This is probably true as you don’t really see many people drinking wine publicly in the street as you see people drinking beer everywhere. Drinking wine is a ritual. You want it to be special. And you usually drink it with someone special. Unless […]

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