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"Thai Massage Therapy -- Northern Style "

by Staff

Former model Nicholas Holt has been dubbed by several media outlets as the "Fitness Trainer to the Stars". Recently, we had an opportunity to sit down and speak with this handsome devil.

360: How long have you been a physical trainer?

Nick: "I've been a certified Corrective Exercise Specialist and Performance Enhancement Specialist for over 6 years. Some of my clients are celebrities and major corporate executives."

360: What made you want to study Thai Massage?

Nick: "My yoga instructor and spiritual guide introduced me to Thai Massage Therapy. It's yoga for lazy people and a great form of meditation. In addition, it's another technique for stretching and lengthening. And, on top of that, it creates positive energy."

360: How long did it take for you to get your certification for Thai Massage Therapy?

Nick: "I studied for a month in Chaing Mai, Thailand but it takes a lifetime of practice to truly master it. It was a phenomenal experience. Culturally, it's a city of a 1000 temples, causing me to be enchanted by the tranquility and humility that these people possess. The food and scenery heightens all your senses."

360: What's the difference between Nothern and Southern style Thai massage therapy?

Nick: "The Northern style is yoga-like and focuses on lengthening muscles. Southern style focuses on accupressure (pressure points of the body) - so its like a deep tissue massage."

360: What do you hope to bring to 360's fitness section?

Nick: "I want to give people a reality check, not just a quick fix. It's going to take hard work and patience to get the body you want. I want to provide readers with a lifestyle change. For instance, "6 Week Abs" is such a gimmick. Who do you know that can get abs in that time period? Normally, someone already slim and/or who has a low body mass index. It's just not practical. You have to change your lifestyle. The food you put into your body and how you perceive your body. Be comfortable with you. You have to deal with your inner-self to get a better outter-self. Not everybody needs to look like a supermodel - it's completely unrealistic."

360: What are some tips that you can provide our readers?

Nick: "In regards to nutrition, eat as much Living and Raw foods as possible - fruits and vegetables. If it's in a bag, it probably i'snt that good for you. Drink as much water as you can. Water, water, and water. Our body is made up of approximately 65 - 75 percent of water so you have to replenish it. And listen to your body...In terms of exercise, I go by my 3 C's:  stay COMMITTED, be CONSISTENT with your workout regiment...and a little CARDIO doesn't hurt."