Clarity, Stacy, E. Essence, Adam, Thizz aka Ecstacy aka Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)

I don't suppose she planned on visiting the ER. After a quick glance, I assumed that her toxicology screen would light-up like a christmas tree (an ER expression used to indicate the use of multiple illicit drugs). We made certain her vitals were stable and continued to monitor. She became very agitated while we pumped her stomach. Her tox came back positive only for amphetamines. From talking to her friend to obtain as much information as possible we learned that methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA, X, Exstacy, E........) was the culprit. Because of her bizarre behavior she was placed in isolation. While in iso, half the time she was talking to the wall, and the other half she was under the covers tearful and paranoid. She told me a pretty graphic story about being chased through a hotels hallway by two men with knives. She had a superficial laceration consistent with a knife wound on her left arm. Shit, it could have been true this is New Orleans. She was in The Quarter, where anything goes. She was 18, a very pretty young lady with impecable style I determined based on her newly fouled designer clothes. She soon began to sweat profusely, shivering, and stumbling around the room. She fell and hit her head. Thus, requiring 4 point physical restraints. After being strapped to the bed, she began to seize for a short period of time. Generally speaking, people tend to either urinate or defacate on themselves during a seizure. She did the latter. She ultimately became stable enough to enter the locked psychiatric unit. As I understand she experienced vivid auditory hallucinations for several days. I last remember her telling me to stop making my face move in circles (she elaborated more. It sounded like a scene from the Devil's Advocate). One minute later she offered to suck me off (bloody lip and all) if I helped her "escape.".............(Of course I didn't....jackass).

Now this isn't the most common presentation of the use of X, but it is the one that I remember the most. After several years of use those who use mostly present as either clinically depressed or violent folks with mental retardation (but there pretty easy to use jedi mind tricks on quite honestly..ha ha). Also, most who Thizz frequently use several other drugs at the same time. So, one seldomly sees strict "X abuse."

Currently, the market is flooded = lower cost = more inner city usage = everybody is "rollin" off E. I am of the opinion that an educated 360's man wouldn't touch the stuff. My main reason for caution is that the concentration of MDMA varies widely. This is important considering that "death" may occur after single tablet use. Also, chronic recreational doses may present clinically as paranoid schizophrenia (somewhat like our aforementioned heroine). Ever seen a wealthy schizophrenic? One hour is commonly needed to begin to feel full effects (don't be an asshole & do another before then). Most who use actually tend to have feelings of euphoria, relaxation, increased energy, increased concentration, mild hallucinogenic effects, and an enhanced sense of pleasure. But, you could also end up like that poo-butt stripper I was talking about (nb X should especially be avoided for those on antidepressants as the side effect profile worsens exponentially). All-in-all for those who still wish to least be familiar with the purity and concentration before you pop a tab. I can't co-sign this drug. Do your research & convince me otherwise.

Yours Truly, The Doc