"Manscaping" Directed by Shanra Kehl Q&A by staff

What is Manscaping about?

Manscaping: transitive verb, (man-scap-ing)
1. a term used to define male grooming below the belt
2. a fine art-form exclusive to men;
the continued upkeep of exceptional hygiene and strategic
hair removal as they pertain to the male body.

Basically Manscaping is something that some men take
extremely seriously. I believe men manscape to
feel confident, accepted by others (lovers)
and some may do it because
they are OCD.

How did you come up with the concept?

The idea was conceived at Sundance Film Festival a couple of
years ago. I was in a bar with some friends and the topic
came up and my friend Gretchen Lescher proceeded to
to ask men if they manscaping and women if they prefer men who do.
The reactions we got from asking such questions were priceless.
I knew I had to make a film of some sort around this topic.
So I went back to LA and collaborated with Mark LaFleur.
My original idea was to do a documentary, however
Mark had
suggested we do a mockumentary...and we did.

How long have you been a film maker?

I have been working in the film
industry for 10 years as a
Cinematographer for independent films.
But also, I produced "Paradise Lounge" a 35mm short in 2000.
"Paradise Lounge" was a film noir piece and traveled to
over 3 dozen festivals and won numerous awards.

"Manscaping" is my first film as a co-writer/director.

What festivals has it been in? And what was the response?

"Manscaping" has won a Silver Lei Award at the 2009 Honolulu International Film Festival
and has also screened at the 2009 World of Comedy Film Festival,
2009 White Sands International Film Festival, New York Shorts Fest and
will screen at the 2009 Staten Island Film Festival on June 6th, 2009. (To check on future
screenings and festival
updates please go to www.manscapingthemoive.com)

I have only attended the White Sands Int'l FF thus far, and the response was great.
There were a lot of laughs and quite a few people came up to me
after the screenings to tell me how much they enjoyed the film.

It is really interesting to see how
different age demographics respond to the film.
I honestly think our biggest fans come
from older generations because this is
something new to them where as the younger generations are familiar with
this territory.

What are you working on next?

Currently I am trying to find investors for a few features I have on my plate.
I am also working on a new script and two documentary ideas I have.