"Making Your Space Work" 
by Justin Osborne (email me for design tips)

Making a space look good can definitely be difficult, especially when you’re just starting out, but with just a little creativity and research you can make a blank room into a designer original.  Here are a couple of tips to keep you on the track to a perfect space while being financially savvy:

1. Find your inspiration. One of the most enjoyable parts of designing a space is getting the inspiration. Look for images that include pieces that are within and a little over your price range.  This will determine those “gotta have it” splurge items, that’s if the budget is right…

2. Be creative.  Because your budget is low you have to think creatively.  This may include finding places that sell good furniture at a cheaper price.  There are lots of online blogs that provide furniture sale ads in every major city (www.apartmenttherapy.com).  Don’t be afraid to negotiate design services with local design businesses.  Also think about defective furniture, which may be available at low prices.  Involve friends, a boyfriend/ girlfriend in on the fun by enlisting them to help you paint. This will help you gain more creative insight and a set of extra hands too. 

 3. Stick to Your Budget. The most important thing, when working with your space, is understanding your financial boundaries.  Being mindful of your budget can result in a successfully designed space without breaking the bank.  For example, saving a larger portion of the budget for statement pieces, that will make the space.  This may include the trendy chair you saw in an inspirational image or any pricey accessory.